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A list of places in London in 1763

This list was transcribed by a visitor to this site, Ian Wraight, who has kindly made it available for display here. It is taken from pages 344 - 439 of "The Compleat Compting-house Companion: Or, Young Merchant and Tradesman's Sure Guide" published by William Johnston in 1763. This fascinating book contains everything you would need to know in order to set up and transact business in eighteenth century London.

The part reproduced here is an alphabetical list of how to find 8,000 streets, roads, courts and places etc. In order to make the list more user-friendly, I have tidied-up various inconsistencies and the alphabetical order, but places beginning with St. remain in amongst the rest. I have also removed some lists and placed them in separate sections at the end. There is still the usual confusion as to the spelling of Mary la Bonne, Marybone, Mary-le-bon etc., and several other places may get you guessing - that is half the fun.

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Other lists

Penny Post offices
Baptists meeting houses
Chapels belonging to the established religion
French chapels
German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish chapels
Independent meeting houses
Methodist meeting houses
Moravian meeting houses
Popish chapels
Presbyterian meeting houses
Quakers meeting houses


Abbots Langley, near St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Abbs court, near Walton upon Thames, Surry
Abchurch lane, Gracechurch street
Abchurch lane, Lombard street
Abel court, Rosemary lane
Abel's buildings, Rosemary lane
Abingdon buildings, Old Palace yard
Abingdon street, near Old Palace yard
Academy court, Chancery lane
Acorn alley, Bishopsgate street without
Acorn court, Bishopsgate street without
Acton, 7 miles from London, on the Oxford road
Acton wells, 6 miles From London, a little to the north of Acton
Adam-a-digging yard, Peter street, Westminster
Adam and Eve alley, near West Smithfield
Adam and Eve alley, Barnaby street
Adam and Eve court, Oxford street
Adam and Eve court, West Smithfield
Adam and Eve court, Tottenham Court road
Adam and Eve court, Petticoat lane
Adam and Eve court, Hatchet alley, Whitechapel
Adam and Eve yard, Homerton
Adam and Eve yard, Ratcliff highway
Adam's court, Duke's Place
Adam's court, Little Broad street
Adam's court, Pig street
Adam's court, near Swan's close
Adam's court, Sharp's buildings
Adam's mews, Audley street
Adam's mews, Charles street, near Mount street
Adam's yard, near Hockley in the Hole
Addington, near Croydon, in Surry
Addison's yard, Peter street, Westminster
Addle hill, Great Carter lane, Thames street
Addle street, Wood street, Cheapside
Admiralty court, is held in Doctor's Commons
Admiralty office, Whitehall
Admiralty office yard, Whitehall
Adscomb, near Croydon, in Surry
Affidavit office, in Symond's inn
African company, Cooper's court, Cornhill
Agnes court, Little George street
St. Agnes le Clare, near Hoxton
Ailesbury court, George street
Ailesbury street, by Jermyn street
Ailesbury street, St. John's street, near Clerkenwell green
Ainger street, York street
Air street, Piccadilly
Air street, by Mary-la-Bone
Air street, Leather lane
Akersley yard, Great St. Ann's street
Alam yard, Crutched Friars
St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, 21 miles from London
St. Alban's church, Wood street, to which is annexed St. Olave Silver street
St. Alban's street, Pall Mall
Albemarle street, Bond street
Albemarle mews, Dover street
Albemarle street, Piccadilly
Albemarle street, St. John's street, West Smithfield
Alcock's rents, Barnaby street
Aldermanbury, Cateaton street
Aldermanbury Postern, London wall
Alderman Parsons's Stairs, St. Catherine's
Alderman's walk, Bishopsgate street
Aldersgate, south end of Aldersgate street (taken down)
Aldersgate bars, in Goswell street
Aldersgate street, north of St. Paul's
Aldgate, East of the Royal Exchange (taken down)
Aldgate High street, joins to Leadenhall street
Aldgate street, near the Minories
Alexander's yard, Water lane, Fleet street
Alienation office, Inner Temple
Allard's hill, Rotherhithe wall
Allen's street, Goswell street
Allen's court, Leadenhall street
Allen's court, Oxford road
Allen's rents, Houndsditch
Alleyn's college, Dulwich
Alleyn's Almshouse, Lamb alley, Bishopsgate street
Alleyn's almshouse, Pest house lane, near Old street
Alleyn's almshouse, Soap yard, Deadman's place, Southwark
Allhallows Barking church, east end of Tower street
Allhallows Bread street church, Bread street, near Cheapside, to which St. John the Evangelist is annexed
Allhallows the Great church, Thames street, to which Allhallows the Less is annexed
Allhallows Lombard street church, situated in Ball alley, Thames street
Allhallows London wall church, near Bethlehem hospital
Allhallows Staining church, near Mark lane
Allhallows lane, near the Steel yard, Thames street
Allhallows stairs, Allhallows lane, Thames street
Almshouse yard, Little Almonry, Westminster
Almshouse yard, Dormer's hill
Almshouse yard, Little Chapel street
Almshouse yard, Coleman street
Almshouse yard, Snow hill
St. Alphage church, London wall, near Cripplegate
Amble court, near Well-close square
Amen-Corner, west end of Paternoster row, near St. Paul's
Amicable society, Serjeant's inn, Fleet street
Amsterdam court, Upper Shadwell
Amyas's almshouses, George yard, Old street
Anchor alley, Mint street, Southwark
Anchor alley, Worcester place, Thames street
Anchor and Hope alley, Green bank, near Wapping
Anchor court, Anchor street, Spitalfields
Anchor inn, Little Britain
Anchor lane, Thames street
Anchor street, near Webb's square, Spitalfields
Anchor street, Thames street
Anchor yard, Barnaby street, Southwark
Anderson's yard, Oxford street
St. Andrew's church, Holborn, corner of Shoe lane
St. Andrew's court, Holborn hill
St. Andrew Hubbard church, burnt down in the fire of London and the parish united to St. Mary at Hill
St. Andrew Undershaft church, the corner of St. Mary Ax, Leadenhall street
St. Andrew wardrobe church, Puddle dock hill, to which St. Ann Black Friars is annexed
Angel alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Angel alley, King's street, St. James's square
Angel alley, Shoe lane
Angel alley, Cray's inn lane
Angel alley, Long Acre
Angel alley, Aldersgate street
Angel alley, Redcross street
Angel alley, Whitecross street, Cripplegate
Angel alley, Charterhouse lane
Angel alley, Coleman street
Angel alley, Fenchurch street
Angel alley, Leadedhall street
Angel alley, Houndsditch
Angel alley, near Norton Falgate, without Bishopsgate
Angel alley, Golden lane, Old street
Angel alley, Stony lane, Petticoat lane
Angel alley, Whitechapel
Angel alley, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Angel alley, Ratcliffe highway
Angel alley, Nightingale lane, East Smithfield
Angel alley, Pepper alley, Southwark
Angel alley, Coal harbour, Thames street
Angel court, King's street, St. James's square
Angel court, Drury lane
Angel court, Charing cross
Angel court, Charterhouse lane
Angel court, Aldersgate street
Angel court, Friday street
Angel court, Grub street
Angel court, Camomile street
Angel court, Bishopsgate street without
Angel court, Lamb alley, Bishopsgate without
Angel court, Angel alley, Aldersgate street
Angel court, Foul lane, in the Borough
Angel court, Great Windmill street
Angel court, King's Bench alley, Southwark
Angel court, Red Cross street, in the Park, Southwark
Angel court, Leadenhall street
Angel court, Little Elbow lane
Angel court, New Gravel lane
Angel court, Redcross street, Cripplegate
Angel court, Little Old Bailey
Angel court, Snow hill
Angel court, Long Acre
Angel court, Long ditch, Westminster
Angel court, by St. James's square
Angel court, St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
Angel court, near New Surry street, in the Strand
Angel court, Throgmorton street
Angel court, White's alley, Rosemary lane
Angel court, Stony lane, Petticoat lane
Angel court, Shoe lane
Angel hill, Oxford street
Angel inn, Aldersgate street
Angel inn, Angel street
Angel inn, Blackman street
Angel inn, behind St. Clement's church in the Strand
Angel inn, St. Giles's church
Angel inn, Piccadilly
Angel street, St. Martin's le Grand
Angel street, Little Moorfields
Angel street, St. George's fields, Southwark
Angel and Sugar-loaf yard, in the Minories
St. Ann's alley, Noble street, Foster lane
Ann's alley, East Smithfield
St. Ann's Aldersgate church, in St. Ann's lane, Aldersgate street to which St. John Zachary is annexed
St. Ann's church in the village of Limehouse, beyond Stepney
St. Ann's church, situated in Kemp's fields, Soho
St. Ann's court, Dean street, Soho
St. Ann's lane, Aldersgate
Ann's court, East Smithfield
Anonymous New street, Coverlead's fields
Anson's alley, Broad St. Giles's
St. Antholin's church, Budge row, to which St. John Baptist is annexed
St. Antholin's church yard, Budge row
St. Anthony's hospital, Threadneedle street
Antilope alley, King's street, Westminster
Antiquarian Society, Chancery lane
Apollo court, Fleet street
Apothecaries hall, Black Friars
Appleby's court, Barnaby street
Appleby's School, St. Saviour's church yard
Appletree yard, York street, St. James's square
Arch row, west side of Lincoln's inn fields
Archbishop's wall, near Lambeth
Arch yard, Harrison's court, near Brook street
Arches court, Doctor's Commons
Archer's alley, Peter street, near Bishopsgate street
Archer street, Great Windmill street
Argyle buildings, between Marlborough street and Oxford road
Argyle street, Great Marlborough street
Armourers and Brazier hall, Coleman street
Arnold's court, Barbican
Arnold's court, New lane, Shad Thames
Arnold's yard, Barbican
Artichoke alley, Barnaby street
Artichoke alley, Holiwell street, Shoreditch
Artichoke court, Cannon street, Walbrook
Artichoke court, Whitecross street
Artichoke hill, Ratcliff highway
Artichoke lane, Virginia street
Artichoke lane, near the Hermitage, Wapping
Artichoke lane, Newington causeway, Southwark
Artichoke head lane, near the Hermitage, Wapping
Artichoke inn, Newington butts
Artichoke yard, Shoreditch
Artichoke yard, Newington causeway, Southwark
Artillery Ground (old), near Devonshire square, Bishopsgate street
Artillery Ground (new), Upper Moorfields
Artillery court, Prince's row, Finsbury
Artillery lane, Bishopsgate street without
Artillery lane, Fair street, Horselydown
Artillery street, near Bishopsgate without, Spitalfields
Arts, manufactures and commerce (society) opposite Beaufort buildings, Strand
Arundel stairs, Arundel street
Arundel street, Strand
Ashentree court, White friars
Ashentree court, Shoreditch
Ashford, near Staines, Middlesex
Ashted, near Epsom wells, Surry
Aske's hospital, Hoxton
Ass park, Wheeler's street, Spitalfields
Asylum for orphans, Westminster bridge foot, Surry side
Audley street, Grosvenor square
Audley's rents, Whitecross street
Ave-Mary lane, Ludgate street
Avery Farm, Chelsea
Avery row, near May-fair
Augmentation office, Dean's yard, Westminster
Austin Friars, near Broad street
St. Austin's church, west end of Watling street, to which St. Faith is annexed under St. Paul's
Austin street, in Castle street, Shoreditch
Ax alley, Leadenhall street
Ax inn, Aldermanbury
Ax yard, King street, Westminster
Ax yard, Norfolk street, Strand
Ax yard, Little Britain
Ax yard, Blackman street, Southwark
Ax yard, in King street, Blackman street
Ax and Bottle yard, St. Margaret's hill
Ayloffe street, Goodman's fields
Ayre's almshouses, White's alley, Coleman street


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