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A list of every street in London in 1938

This list is taken from the second edition of 'London Post Offices & Streets' as published in December 1938. It records every street or place in the London Postal Area of interest to the Post Office, i.e. places with a letter box. Effectively anywhere someone might have lived.

It does not include railway stations, museums, clubs, public houses, parks, monuments, cinemas or other places of entertainment and there are very few tourist attractions.

It does include many Hospitals, some Markets, Courts and Council Offices and, strangely, Cemeteries. Most of these were removed from later editions or placed in separate sections.
London Post Offices and Streets

The Post Office is always consulted whenever a new street name is proposed. Their books are thus usually up to date with additions or official changes. This is not the case for names that have disappeared through redevelopment. There are a number of names here that were built over and gone by 1938 that they failed to notice or record.

There are 24,585 places in this list. 53 are labelled 'cannot find', because I have been unable to trace any other reference to them. Some could be mistakes, or they may never have been built. A few spelling errors have been corrected, there may be others. Please contact me if you have any new information.

With the exception of the above, if you find a place in the list that no longer exists the explanation of why, and how to find where it was, is in my eBook London Streets lost to the Blitz

The map below shows the London Postal Area covered by this list compared to the old County of London and the Greater London of today.

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Abbeville Road N8
Abbeville Road SW4
Abbey Farm Cottages, Twyford Abbey Road NW10
Abbey Garden SW1
Abbey Gardens NW8
Abbey Gardens Mews, Abbey Road NW8
Abbey Grove SE2
Abbey Lane E15
Abbey Lane NW6
Abbey Lodge, Park Road NW8
Abbey Mews, Belsize Road NW6
Abbey Parade W5
Abbey Road E15
Abbey Road: 1 to 117 and 2 to 98 NW8
Abbey Road: remainder NW6
Abbey Road NW10
Abbey Road: 483 to 515 and 474 to 500 SE2
Abbey Road: remainder Belvedere
Abbey Road SW19
Abbey Street E13
Abbey Street SE1
Abbey Terrace, North Circular Road NW10
Abbey Terrace SE2
Abbey Wood Road SE2
Abbeyfield Road SE16
Abbot's Gardens N2
Abbots Lane SE1
Abbot's Road E6
Abbot's Road NW6
Abbotsbury Road W14
Abbotsford Avenue N15
Abbotshall Avenue N14
Abbotshall Road SE6
Abbotsleigh Road SW16
Abbotstone Road SW15
Abbotswell Street SE4
Abbotswood Road SW16
Abbott Avenue SW20
Abbott Road E14
Abbott Street E8
Abbotts Crescent E4
Abbotts Park Road E10
Abchurch Lane EC4
Abchurch Yard EC4
Abdale Road W12
Aberavon Road E3
Abercairn Road SW16
Abercorn Close NW7
Abercorn Mews North NW8
Abercorn Place NW8
Abercorn Road NW7
Abercrombie Street SW11
Aberdare Gardens NW6
Aberdare Gardens NW7
Aberdeen Court W9
Aberdeen Mews W1
Aberdeen Park N5
Aberdeen Place NW8
Aberdeen Road N5
Aberdeen Road N18
Aberdeen Road NW10
Aberdeen Road SW19
Aberdeen Terrace SE3
Aberdour Street SE1
Aberfeldy Street E14
Aberfoyle Road SW16
Abergeldie Road SE12
Abernethy Road SE13
Abersham Road E8
Abery Street SE18
Abingdon Court W8
Abingdon Gardens W8
Abingdon Road N3
Abingdon Road SW16
Abingdon Road W8
Abingdon Street SW1
Abingdon Villas W8
Abinger Road SE8
Abinger Road W4
Ablett Street SE16
Abney Gardens N16
Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington High Street N16
Aboukir Street SE15
Abourne Street W9
Aboyne Drive SW20
Aboyne Road NW10
Aboyne Road SW17
Abyssinia Road SW11
Acacia Avenue N17
Acacia Gardens NW8
Acacia Grove SE21
Acacia Place NW8
Acacia Road E11
Acacia Road E17
Acacia Road N22
Acacia Road NW8
Acacia Road SE26
Acacia Road SW16
Acacia Road W3
Academy Road SE18
Acanthus Road SW11
Accommodation Road NW11
Acfold Road SW6
Achilles Road NW6
Achilles Street SE14
Acklam Road W10
Ackmar Road SW6
Ackroyd Road SE23
Acland Road NW2
Acland Street E14
Acol Road NW6
Acorn Gardens, Wales Farm Road W3
Acorn Place SE15
Acre Lane SW2
Acre Road SW19
Acre Square SW4
Acre Street SW8
Acris Street SW18
Acton Isolation Hospital, Wales Farm Road W3
Acton Lane NW10
Acton Lane: 1 to 287 and 2 to 280 W4
Acton Lane: remainder W3
Acton Mews E8
Acton Street WC1
Acton War Memorial Hospital, Gunnersbury Lane W3
Acuba Road SW18
Acworth Street SE1
Ada Place E2
Ada Road SE5
Ada Street E8
Ada Street E15
Adair Road W10
Adam and Eve Court W1
Adam and Eve Mews W8
Adam and Eve Yard, Eden Street NW1
Adam Street WC2
Adam's Court, Old Broad Street EC2
Adam's Place, George's Road N7
Adam's Row W1
Adamson Road E16
Adamson Road NW3
Adamsrill Road SE26
Adare Walk SW16
Adderley Grove SW11
Adderley Street E14
Addey Street SE8
Addington Crescent SE1
Addington Drive N12
Addington Grove SE26
Addington Mansions N5
Addington Road E3
Addington Road E16
Addington Road N4
Addington Square SE5
Addington Street SE1
Addison Avenue N14
Addison Avenue W11
Addison Bridge Place, Hammersmith Road W14
Addison Court Gardens W14
Addison Crescent W14
Addison Gardens W14
Addison Place W11
Addison Road E11
Addison Road E16
Addison Road E17
Addison Road SE25
Addison Road W4
Addison Road W14
Addison Way NW11
Addle Hill EC4
Addle Street EC2
Adela Street W10
Adelaide Avenue SE4
Adelaide Court NW8
Adelaide Close, Adelaide Road NW3
Adelaide Grove W12
Adelaide Place WC2
Adelaide Place, King William Street EC4
Adelaide Road E10
Adelaide Road NW3
Adelaide Road W13
Adelaide Square N1
Adelaide Street WC2
Adelaide Terrace N1
Adelina Grove E1
Adelina Place E1
Adeline Place WC1
Adelphi Terrace WC2
Aden Grove N16
Aden Terrace N16
Adeney Road W6
Adenmore Road SE6
Adie Road W6
Adine Road E13
Adler Street E1
Adley Street E5
Admaston Road SE18
Admiral Mews, Barlby Road W10
Admiral Seymour Road SE9
Admiralty SW1
Adolf Street SE6
Adolphus Road N4
Adolphus Street SE8
Adpar Street W2
Adrian Avenue NW2
Ady's Road SE15
Aegis Grove SW8
Aerodrome Road (part) NW4
Aerodrome Road (part) NW9
Aeroville, Booth Road NW9
Affleck Street N1
Afghan Road SW11
Africa House, Kingsway WC2
Agamemnon Road NW6
Agar Grove NW1
Agar Street WC2
Agate Road W6
Agate Street E16
Agatha Street E1
Agaton Road SE9
Agave Road NW2
Agincourt Road NW3
Agnes Road W3
Agnes Street E14
Agnes Street E16
Agnew Road SE23
Agra Place E1
Ailsa Street E14
Ainger Mews, Ainger Road NW3
Ainger Road NW3
Ainsdale Road W5
Ainsley Street E2
Ainslie Wood Crescent E4
Ainslie Wood Gardens E4
Ainslie Wood Road E4
Ainsty Street SE16
Ainsworth Road E9
Aintree Avenue E6
Aintree Street SW6
Air Street W1
Airedale Avenue W4
Airedale Road SW12
Airedale Road W5
Airlie Gardens W8
Airy Street SE13
Aislibie Road SE12
Aitken Road SE6
Ajax Avenue NW9
Ajax Road NW6
Akehurst Street SW15
Akenside Road NW3
Akerman Road SW9
Akers Street SE17
Alabama Street SE18
Alacross Road W5
Alan Road SW19
Alaska Street SE1
Alba Gardens NW11
Alba Place W11
Albacore Crescent SE13
Albany W1
Albany Cottages N1
Albany Court, Prince Albert Road NW1
Albany Courtyard W1
Albany Mansions, Albert Bridge Road SW11
Albany Place, Benwell Road N7
Albany Road E10
Albany Road E12
Albany Road E16
Albany Road E17
Albany Road N4
Albany Road N15
Albany Road N18
Albany Road SE5
Albany Road SW19
Albany Road W13
Albany Street NW1
Albany Terrace, Marylebone Road NW1
Albatross Street SE18
Albemarle, Parkside SW19
Albemarle Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Albernarle Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Albemarle Street W1
Albemarle Way EC1
Alberon Gardens NW11
Albert Avenue E4
Albert Avenue SW8
Albert Bridge Road SW11
Albert Court SW7
Albert Crescent E4
Albert Dock (or Royal Albert Dock) E16
Albert Drive SW19
Albert Embankment: 1 to 8 SE1
Albert Embankment: remainder SE11
Albert Gardens E1
Albert Gate SW1
Albert Gate Mansions SW7
Albert Grove E9
Albert Grove SW20
Albert Grove, Park Road North W3
Albert Hall, Royal SW7
Albert Hall Mansions SW7
Albert Mansions, Crouch Hill N8
Albert Mews W6
Albert Mews W8
Albert Palace Mansions, Lurline Gardens SW11
Albert Place, Victoria Road W8
Albert Road E10
Albert Road E15
Albert Road E16
Albert Road E17
Albert Road E18
Albert Road N4
Albert Road N15
Albert Road N22
Albert Road NW4
Albert Road NW6
Albert Road NW7
Albert Road SE9
Albert Road SE20
Albert Road SE25
Albert Road W5
Albert Square E15
Albert Square SW8
Albert Street N11
Albert Street N12
Albert Street NW1
Albert Terrace NW1
Albert Terrace, Milton Avenue NW10
Albert Terrace W2
Albert Terrace W6
Albert Terrace Mews, Regent's Park Road NW1
Albert Villas, Bounds Green Road N11
Albert Villas Road W3
Alberta Street SE17
Albion Avenue N10
Albion Avenue SW8
Albion Buildings EC1
Albion Gardens W6
Albion Grove N16
Albion Hill SE13
Albion Mews, High Road NW6
Albion Mews East W2
Albion Mews North W2
Albion Mews West W2
Albion Place, Red Lion Street EC1
Albion Road E8
Albion Road E17
Albion Road N16
Albion Road N17
Albion Road SE13
Albion Street E15
Albion Street SE16
Albion Street W2
Albion Terrace E8
Albion Villas Road SE26
Albrighton Road SE22
Albury Street SE8
Albyn Road SE8
Alcester Crescent E5
Alconbury Road E5
Aldam Place, High Street N16
Aldbourne Road W12
Aldbridge Street SE17
Aldebert Terrace SW8
Aldeburgh Street SE10
Alden Avenue E15
Aldenham Street NW1
Aldensley Road W6
Alder Grove NW2
Alder Road SW14
Alder Street SE15
Alderbrook Road SW12
Alderbury Road SW13
Aldermanbury EC2
Aldermanbury Avenue EC2
Aldermanbury Buildings, Aldermanbury EC2
Aldermanbury Postern EC2
Alderman's Hill N13
Alderman's Walk EC2
Aldermaston Street W10
Alderminster Road SE1
Alderney Road E1
Alderney Street SW1
Alders, The N21
Aldersbrook Lane E12
Aldersbrook Road: 1 to 13 E11
Aldersbrook Road: remainder E12
Alders Court, Great Arthur Street EC1
Aldersgate Buildings EC1
Aldersgate Street EC1
Aldershot Road NW6
Alderson Street W10
Alderton Crescent NW4
Alderton Road SE24
Alderton Way NW4
Alderville Road SW6
Alderwood Road SE9
Aldford Street W1
Aldgate EC3
Aldgate Avenue E1
Aldgate High Street EC3
Aldine Street W12
Aldis Street SW17
Aldred Road NW6
Aldred Street SE17
Aldren Road SW17
Aldridge Road Villas W11
Aldrington Road SW16
Aldworth Grove SE13
Aldworth Road E15
Aldwych WC2
Alexander Avenue NW10
Alexander Mews W2
Alexander Place SW7
Alexander Road N19
Alexander Square SW3
Alexander Street W2
Alexandra Avenue N22
Alexandra Avenue SW11
Alexandra Buildings N4
Alexandra Court W9
Alexandra Drive SE19
Alexandra Gardens N10
Alexandra Gardens W4
Alexandra Grove N4
Alexandra Grove N12
Alexandra Hospital, Upper Woburn Place WC1
Alexandra Mansions, King's Road SW3
Alexandra Mews, Abbey Road NW8
Alexandra Mews W14
Alexandra Parade, Bell Lane NW4
Alexandra Park Road: 1 to 121 and 2 to 126c N10
Alexandra Park Road: remainder N22
Alexandra Road E6
Alexandra Road E10
Alexandra Road E17
Alexandra Road E18
Alexandra Road N8
Alexandra Road N10
Alexandra Road N11
Alexandra Road N15
Alexandra Road NW4
Alexandra Road NW8
Alexandra Road SE25
Alexandra Road SE26
Alexandra Road SW14
Alexandra Road SW19
Alexandra Road W4
Alexandra Street E16
Alexandra Street SE14
Alexandra Villas N4
Alexandra Yard E9
Alexandria Road W13
Alexis Street SE16
Alfearn Road E5
Alford Place, Shepherdess Walk N1
Alford Road SW8
Alfoxton Avenue N15
Alfred Cottages W4
Alfred Place SW7
Alfred Place WC1
Alfred Road E15
Alfred Road SE25
Alfred Road W2
Alfred Road W3
Alfred Road W13
Alfred Street E3
Alfred Street E16
Alfred Terrace NW3 - cannot find
Alfred Terrace Mews, Back Lane NW3
Alfreda Street SW11
Alfreton Street SE17
Alfriston Road SW11
Algarve Road SW18
Algernon Road NW4
Algernon Road NW6
Algernon Road SE13
Algiers Road SE13
Alice Street E16
Alice Street SE1
Alie Street E1
Aliwal Road SW11
Alkerden Road W4
Alkham Road N16
All Saints' Hospital, Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
All Saints' Road W3
All Saints' Road W11
All Saints' Street N1
All Souls' Avenue NW10
All Souls' Place W1
Allan Way W3
Allandale Avenue N3
Allanmouth Road E9
Allardyce Street SW4
Allas Road E2
Allcroft Road NW5
Allen Edwards Road SW8
Allen Road N16
Allen Street W8
Allenbury Street E2
Allenby Road SE23
Allendale Road SE5
Allerford Road SE6
Allerton Road N16
Allerton Street N1
Allestree Road SW6
Alleyn Crescent SE21
Alleyn Park SE21
Alleyn Road SE21
Allfarthing Lane SW18
Allgood Street E2
Allhallows Lane EC4
Alliance Road E13
Alliance Road SE18
Allingham Street N1
Allington Close SW19
Allington Road NW4
Allington Road SW2
Allington Road W10
Allington Street SW1
Allison Grove SE21
Allison Road N8
Allison Road W3
Allitsen Road NW8
Alloa Road SE8
Alloway Road E3
Allsop Place NW1
Alma Grove N1
Alma Grove SE1
Alma Avenue E4
Alma Place, Harrow Road NW10
Alma Road N10
Alma Road SW18
Alma Square NW8
Alma Street E15
Alma Street N1
Alma Street NW5
Alma Terrace, Trinity Road SW18
Almack Road E5
Almeida Street N1
Almer Road SW20
Almeric Road SW11
Almington Street N4
Almond Avenue W5
Almond Road N17
Almond Road SE16
Almorah Road N1
Alnwick Road E16
Alnwick Road SE12
Alperton Street W10
Alpha Mews, Canterbury Road NW6
Alpha Place, Canterbury Road NW6
Alpha Place North, Canterbury Road NW6
Alpha Place West, Canterbury Road NW6
Alpha Place SW3
Alpha Road E4
Alpha Road E14
Alpha Road N18
Alpha Road SE14
Alpha Square SE17
Alpha Street SE15
Alpha Street SE17
Alpine Road SE16
Alric Avenue NW10
Alroy Road N4
Alsace Street SE17
Alscot Road SE1
Alsen Road N7
Alston Road N18
Alston Road SW17
Alt Grove SW19
Altenburg Avenue W13
Altenburg Gardens SW11
Althea Street SW6
Althorp Road SW17
Althorpe Grove SW11
Altmore Avenue E6
Alton Road N17
Alton Road SW15
Alton Street E14
Alvanley Gardens NW6
Alvar Street SE8
Alverstone Avenue SW19
Alverstone Road E12
Alverstone Road NW2
Alverton Street SE8
Alvey Street SE17
Alvington Crescent E8
Alwold Crescent SE12
Alwyn Avenue W4
Alwyn Road E15
Alwyne Lane N1
Alwyne Place N1
Alwyne Road N1
Alwyne Road SW19
Alwyne Road W7
Alwyne Square N1
Alwyne Villas N1
Alyth Gardens NW11
Amatol Avenue SE9
Amazon Street E1
Amber Place E1
Amber Road E15
Amberden Avenue N3
Ambergate Street SE17
Amberley Grove SE26
Amberley Mews W9
Amberley Road E10
Amberley Road N13
Amberley Road SE2
Amberley Road W9
Amblecote Road SE12
Ambler Road N4
Ambleside Avenue SW16
Ambleside Road NW10
Ambrosden Avenue SW1
Ambrose Avenue NW10
Ambrose Street SE16
Amelia Street E16
Amelia Street SE17
Amen Corner, Paternoster Row EC4
Amen Corner SW17
Amen Court EC4
America Square EC3
America Street SE1
Amerland Road SW18
Amersham Grove SE14
Amersham Road SE14
Amersham Road SW15
Amersham Vale SE14
Amery Gardens NW10
Ames Street E2
Amesbury Avenue SW2
Amesbury Drive E4
Amherst Avenue W13
Amherst Road W13
Amhurst Park N16
Amhurst Road: 1 to 223 E8
Amhurst Road: 2 to 122 and 184 to 240 E8
Amhurst Road: remainder N16
Amhurst Terrace E8
Amias Place, Old Street EC1
Amies Street SW11
Amity Grove SW20
Amity Road E15
Ammonal Avenue SE9
Amner Road SW11
Amor Road W6
Amos Court E1
Amott Road SE15
Amoy Place E14
Ampthill Square NW1
Ampton Place WC1
Ampton Street WC1
Amsworthy Crescent SE25
Amwell Street EC1
Amyruth Road SE4
Anatola Road N19
Ancaster Street SE18
Anchor and Hope Lane SE7
Anchor Street SE16
Anchorage Close SW19
Ancill Street W6
Ancona Road NW10
Ancona Road SE18
Andalus Road SW9
Anderson Street SW3
Anderson's Road E9
Anderson's Walk SE11
Andoe Road SW11
Andover Cottages N7
Andover Gardens N7
Andover Grove N7
Andover Place NW6
Andover Road N7
Andover Row N7
Andover Street N7
Andre Street E8
Andrew Place SW8
Andrew Street E14
Andrew Street E16
Andrew's Road E8
Andrula Court, Lordship Lane N22
Anerley Grove SE19
Anerley Hill SE19
Anerley Park SE20
Anerley Park Road SE20
Anerley Road: 1 to 69 and 2 to 120 SE19
Anerley Road: remainder SE20
Anerley Station Road SE20
Anerley Street SW11
Anerley Vale SE19
Angel Close N18
Angel Court, Friday Street EC4
Angel Court, Throgmorton Street EC2
Angel Court SW17
Angel Lane E15
Angel Place SE1
Angel Road N18
Angel Walk W6
Angela Street E2
Angell Park Gardens SW9
Angell Road SW9
Angle Street E11
Angler's Lane NW5
Angles Road SW16
Anglesea Avenue SE18
Anglesea Road SE18
Anglesea Street E1
Angrave Street E8
Angrave Terrace E8
Angus Gardens NW9
Angus Road E13
Angus Street SE14
Anhalt Road SW11
Ankerdine Crescent SE18
Anley Road W14
Ann Street SE18
Annabel Street E14
Annandale Road SE10
Annandale Road W4
Anne Street E13
Annesley Avenue NW9
Annesley Close, North Circular Road NW10
Annesley Road N19
Annette Road N7
Anning Street EC2
Annington Road N2
Annis Road E9
Ann's Avenue SE1
Ann's Close SW1
Ansdell Road SE15
Ansdell Street W8
Ansdell Terrace W8
Ansell Road SW17
Anselm Road SW6
Anson Road N7
Anson Road NW2
Anstey Road SE15
Anstridge Road SE9
Ansty Road E16
Antcliff Street E1
Anthony Road SE25
Anthony Street E1
Antill Road E3
Antill Road N15
Anton Street E8
Antrim Grove NW3
Antrim Mansions, Antrim Road NW3
Antrim Road NW3
Antrobus Road W4
Antrobus Street SW1
Antwerp Street E8
Apollo Place SW10
Apostle Road E3
Appach Road SW2
Appian Road E3
Apple Tree Yard SW1
Appleby Road E8
Appleby Street E2
Appleford Road W10
Applegarth Road W14
Appleton Road SE9
Appold Street EC2
Approach, The NW4
Approach, The W3
Approach Road E2
Approach Road SW20
Aprey Gardens NW4
April Street E8
Apsley House, Finchley Road NW8
Apsley Road E17
Apsley Road SE25
Apsley Street E1
Aquila Street NW8
Aquinas Street SE1
Arabin Road SE4
Arbery Road E3
Arbour Square E1
Arbroath Road SE9
Arbuthnot Road SE14
Arbutus Street E8
Arcade, The, Liverpool Street EC2
Arcade, The N7
Arcade, The SW7
Arcadia Avenue N3
Arcadia Street E14
Arcadian Gardens N22
Arch Street SE1
Archbishop's Place SW2
Archdale Road SE22
Archel Road W14
Archer Mews W11
Archer Road SE25
Archer Street E2
Archer Street NW1
Archer Street W1
Archer Villas W11
Archery Close W2
Archery Road SE9
Archibald Place W1
Archibald Road N7
Archibald Street E3
Archway Hospital, Archway Road N19
Archway Road: 1 to 43 and 2 to 88 N19
Archway Road: remainder N6
Archway Street SW13
Arcola Street E8
Arctic Street NW5
Ardbeg Road SE24
Arden Road N3
Arden Street SW8
Ardfern Avenue SW16
Ardfillan Road SE6
Ardgowan Road SE6
Ardilaun Road N5
Ardleigh Road E17
Ardleigh Road N1
Ardleigh Terrace E17
Ardley Close, North Circular Road NW10
Ardlui Road SE27
Ardmere Road SE13
Ardoch Road SE6
Ardwell Road SW2
Ardwick Road NW2
Argall Avenue E10
Argent Street SE1
Argyle Close, Avalon Road W13
Argyle Place, King Street W6
Argyle Road E1
Argyle Road E15
Argyle Road E16
Argyle Road N12
Argyle Road N17
Argyle Road N18
Argyle Road NW9
Argyle Road W13
Argyle Square WC1
Argyle Street E11
Argyle Street WC1
Argyle Walk WC1
Argyll Mansions, Hammersmith Road W14
Argyll Road W8
Argyll Street W1
Arica Road SE4
Ariel Road NW6
Aristotle Road SW4
Arkindale Road SE6
Arkley Crescent E17
Arkley Road E17
Arklow Road SE14
Arkwright Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Arkwright Road NW3
Arkwright Street E16
Arlesford Road SW9
Arline Street E2
Arline Terrace E2
Arlingford Road SW2
Arlington Gardens W4
Arlington Road N14
Arlington Road NW1
Arlington Road W13
Arlington Square N1
Arlington Street N1
Arlington Street SW1
Arlington Way EC1
Arlow Road N21
Armada Street SE8
Armadale Road SW6
Armagh Road E3
Arminger Road W12
Armitage Road NW11
Armitage Road SE10
Armory Yard SW18
Armour House, St. Martin's-le-Grand EC1
Armstrong Gardens SE7
Armstrong Place SE18
Armstrong Road W3
Armstrong Street SE18
Arne Street WC2
Arneway Street SW1
Arngask Road SE6
Arnold Circus E2
Arnold Gardens N13
Arnold Road E3
Arnold Road N15
Arnold Road SW17
Arnold's Place SE1
Arnos Grove N14
Arnos Grove Court, Palmers Road N11
Arnos Road N11
Arnott Street SE1
Arnside Street SE17
Arnulf Street SE6
Arnulls Road SW16
Arodene Road SW2
Arpley Road SE20
Arragon Gardens SW16
Arragon Road E6
Arran Road SE6
Arrow Road E3
Arsenal Road SE9
Arterberry Road SW20
Artesian Road W2
Arthingworth Street E15
Arthur Grove SE18
Arthur Road E6
Arthur Road N7
Arthur Road N9
Arthur Road N16
Arthur Road N17
Arthur Road SW9
Arthur Road SW19
Arthur Street E16
Arthur Street EC4
Arthur Street SW3
Arthurdon Road SE4
Artichoke Hill E1
Artillery Lane E1
Artillery Passage E1
Artillery Place SE18
Artillery Row SW1
Artillery Street SE1
Artizan Street E1
Arundel Gardens N21
Arundel Gardens W11
Arundel Grove N16
Arundel House, Drummond Street NW1
Arundel Mansions SW6
Arundel Place N1
Arundel Road E15
Arundel Road N16
Arundel Square N7
Arundel Street WC2
Arundel Terrace, Castelnau SW13
Arvon Road N5
Ascalon Street SW8
Ascham End E17
Ascham Street NW5
Ascot Court, Clapham Park Road SW4
Ascot Parade, Clapham Park Road SW4
Ascot Road E6
Ascot Road N15
Ascot Road N18
Ascot Road SW17
Ascot Street E16
Ascott Avenue W5
Ash Grove E8
Ash Grove N13
Ash Grove NW2
Ash Grove W5
Ash Road E15
Ash Street SE17
Ash Tree Dell, Buck Lane NW9
Ash Tree Grove SW18
Ashbourne Avenue E18
Ashbourne Avenue N20
Ashbourne Avenue NW11
Ashbourne Close W5
Ashbourne Grove NW7
Ashbourne Grove SE22
Ashbourne Grove W4
Ashbourne Mansions, Finchley Road NW11
Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Road NW11
Ashbourne Parade W5
Ashbourne Road W5
Ashbourne Terrace, Gladstone Road SW19
Ashbridge Road E11
Ashbrook Road N19
Ashburn Gardens SW7
Ashburn Mews, Gloucester Road SW7
Ashburn Place SW7
Ashburnham Grove SE10
Ashburnham Road NW10
Ashburnham Road SE10
Ashburnham Road SW10
Ashburton Grove N7
Ashburton Road E16
Ashburton Terrace E13
Ashbury Road SW11
Ashby Grove N1
Ashby Road N15
Ashby Road SE4
Ashby Street EC1
Ashchurch Grove W12
Ashchurch Park Villas W12
Ashchurch Terrace W12
Ashcombe Park NW2
Ashcombe Road SW19
Ashcombe Street SW6
Ashcroft Road E3
Ashdale Road SE12
Ashdon Road NW10
Ashdown Street NW5
Ashen Grove SW19
Ashenden Road E5
Ashentree Court EC4
Ashfield Place E1
Ashfield Road N4
Ashfield Road N14
Ashfield Road W3
Ashfield Street E1
Ashford Avenue N8
Ashford Road E6
Ashford Road E17
Ashford Road E18
Ashford Road N17
Ashford Road NW2
Ashford Street N1
Ashington Road SW6
Ashlake Road SW16
Ashland Place W1
Ashlar Place SE18
Ashleigh Road SE20
Ashleigh Road SW14
Ashley Close NW4
Ashley Cottages, Warwick Road W14
Ashley Crescent N22
Ashley Gardens N13
Ashley Gardens SW1
Ashley Lane NW4
Ashley Place SW1
Ashley Road E4
Ashley Road E7
Ashley Road N17
Ashley Road N19
Ashley Road SW19
Ashley Walk NW4
Ashlin Road E15
Ashlone Road SW15
Ashmead Road SE8
Ashmere Grove SW2
Ashmill Street NW1
Ashmole Place SW8
Ashmole Street SW8
Ashmore Road W9
Ashmount Road N15
Ashmount Road N19
Ashness Road SW11
Ashridge Crescent SE18
Ashridge Gardens N13
Ashtead Road E5
Ashton Street E14
Ashton Street E15
Ashurst Gardens SW2
Ashurst Road N12
Ashurst Street SW11
AshVale Road SW17
Ashville Road E11
Ashwater Road SE12
Ashwell Grove N18
Ashwell Road E3
Ashwin Street E8
Ashwood Road SE9
Ashworth Mansions W9
Ashworth Road W9
Aske Street N1
Askew Crescent W12
Askew Mansions W12
Askew Road W12
Askew Street E9
Askham Road W12
Aslett Street SW18
Asmara Road NW2
Asmun's Hill NW11
Asmun's Place NW11
Aspen Place W6
Aspenlea Road W6
Aspinall Road SE4
Aspinden Road SE16
Aspland Grove E8
Aspley Road SW18
Asplin's Road N17
Assam Street E1
Assaye Street SW8
Assembly Passage E1
Astbury Road SE15
Astell Street SW3
Astey's Row N1
Astle Street SW11
Astley Avenue, Anson Road NW2
Astley Street SE1
Aston Road SW20
Aston Road W5
Aston Street E14
Aston Terrace, Antill Road N15
Astonville Street SW18
Astoria Walk SW9
Astrop Mews, The Grove W6
Astrop Terrace, The Grove W6
Astwood Mews SW7
Asylum Road SE15
Atalanta Street SW6
Atheldene Road SW18
Athelney Street SE6
Athelstane Road E3
Athelstane Road N4
Athenaeum Road N20
Athenlay Road SE15
Atherden Road E5
Atherfold Road SW9
Atherton Drive SW19
Atherton Road E7
Atherton Road SW13
Atherton Street SW11
Athlone Road SW2
Athlone Street NW5
Athol Street E14
Atkins Road E10
Atkins Road SW12
Atkinson Morley's Convalescent Home, Copse Hill SW20
Atkinson Street SE14
Atlantic Road SW9
Atlas Gardens SE7
Atlas Road E13
Atlas Road NW10
Atlas Street SE10
Atley Road E3
Atney Road SW15
Atterbury Road N4
Atterbury Street SW1
Attewood Avenue NW10
Attneave Street WC1
Atwell Road SE15
Atwell Street SE15
Atwood Road W6
Atworth Street E14
Auberon Street E16
Aubert Park N5
Aubert Road N5
Aubrey Road E17
Aubrey Road N8
Aubrey Road W8
Aubrey Street E7
Aubrey Walk W8
Auckland Hill SE27
Auckland Road E10
Auckland Road SE19
Auckland Road SW11
Auckland Street SE11
Audley Road NW4
Audley Road W5
Audley Square W1
Audrey Street E2
Augurs Lane E13
Augusta Street E14
Augustine Road W14
Augustus Road SW19
Augustus Street NW1
Aulay Street SE1
Auriol Road W14
Austin Friars EC2
Austin Friars Passage EC2
Austin Road SW11
Austin Street E2
Austral Street SE11
Australia House WC2
Australian Avenue EC1
Australian Avenue N16
Autumn Street E3
Avalon Road SW6
Avalon Road W13
Avarn Road SW17
Ave Maria Lane EC4
Avebury Road E11
Avebury Road SW19
Avebury Street N1
Aveley Road E5
Aveline Street SE11
Aveling Park Road E17
Avenell Road N5
Avening Road SW18
Avenons Road E13
Avenue, The, Chingford E4
Avenue, The, Hale End E4
Avenue, The E11
Avenue, The N3
Avenue, The N8
Avenue, The N10
Avenue, The N11
Avenue, The N17
Avenue, The NW3
Avenue, The NW6
Avenue, The SE3
Avenue, The SE19
Avenue, The W4
Avenue, The W13
Avenue Close N14
Avenue Close NW2
Avenue Crescent W3
Avenue Gardens, Upper Richmond Road SW14
Avenue Gardens W3
Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Avenue Park Road SE27
Avenue Road E7
Avenue Road E11
Avenue Road N6
Avenue Road N12
Avenue Road N14
Avenue Road N15
Avenue Road: 1 to 91 and 2 to 86 NW8
Avenue Road: remainder NW3
Avenue Road NW10
Avenue Road SE13
Avenue Road: 1 to 55 and 2 to 50 SE20
Avenue Road: remainder Beckenham
Avenue Road SE25
Avenue Road SW16
Avenue Road SW20
Avenue Road W3
Avenue Road W13
Avenue Square SE13
Averill Street W6
Avery Hill SE9
Avery Hill Road SE9
Avery Row W1
Aveton Road N2
Aviary Street E16
Avignon Road SE4
Avington Grove SE20
Avoca Road SW17
Avon Road E17
Avon Road SE4
Avondale Avenue N12
Avondale Avenue NW2
Avondale House SW14
Avondale Park Gardens W11
Avondale Park Road W11
Avondale Rise SE15
Avondale Road E16
Avondale Road E17
Avondale Road N3
Avondale Road N13
Avondale Road N15
Avondale Road SE9
Avondale Road SW14
Avondale Road SW19
Avondale Square SE1
Avonley Road SE14
Avonmore Gardens W14
Avonmore Place W14
Avonmore Road W14
Avonmouth Street SE1
Awlfield Avenue N17
Axminster Road N7
Aybrook Street W1
Aycliff Road W12
Aylesbury Road SE17
Aylesbury Street EC1
Aylesbury Street NW10
Aylesford Street SW1
Aylestone Avenue NW6
Aylett Road SE25
Ayliffe Street SE1
Aylmer Parade N2
Aylmer Road E11
Aylmer Road N2
Aylmer Road W12
Aylton Street SE16
Aylward Road SE23
Aylward Road SW20
Aynhoe Road W14
Aynscombe Lane SW14
Ayres Street SE1
Ayrsome Road N16
Aysgarth Road SE21
Aytoun Road SW9
Azenby Road SE15
Azof Street SE10


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