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This is the current list of eBooks available for instant download.
They are here because I think they are worth having;
for a good read, for information, or just for fun.
You can see the latest titles here.

London & the Thames

Nonfiction & Unusual

English Towns, Roads & Countryside

Novels, Humour & other Fiction

Every book has its own page with further details and an extract. In the shop they are listed alphabetically by title, priced variously from £ free, all containing the entire text and any illustrations. Each one is provided in two formats; .mobi for the Kindle, and .epub for every other eReader. All expertly formatted and carefully proof-read, not quick scans or PDF's.
The books are digital files, which are classified as software, and orders cannot be cancelled once the download has begun.

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London & the Thames

Boyle's View of London and its Environs  by  Patrick Boyle  1799

Bruce's Lists of London Street Name Changes  by  Bruce Hunt  2013

Bygone London Life  by  G. L. Apperson  1903

City Street Names  by  Louis Zettersten  1926

Disappearing London  by  E. Beresford Chancellor  1927

Highways and Byways in London  by  Mrs E. T. Cook  1902

The History of London  by  Sir Walter Besant  1909

Literary London  by  Elsie M. Lang  1906

Lockie's Topography of London  by  John Lockie  1810

London and its Government  by  Percy A. Harris  1913

London on Thames in Bygone Days  by  G. H. Birch  1903

London River  by  H. M. Tomlinson  1921

London Street Names  by  F. H. Habben  1896

London Streets lost to the Blitz  by  Bruce Hunt  2016

London: the Story of the City  by  Ernest Rhys  1909

The Lure of Old London  by  Sophie Cole  1921

Medieval London  by  William Benham & Charles Welch  1901

Old London Street Cries  by  Andrew W. Tuer  1885

Old Serjeants' Inn - privately published in 1912

Remarks on London  by  William Stow  1722

The Romance of London  by  John Timbs  1865

The Seven Curses of London  by  James Greenwood  1869

Survey of London  by  John Stow  1598

The Taverns of London  by  H. E. Popham  1927
Topographically Arranged

Thames and Tweed  by  George Rooper  1876

Thames Valley Villages - Both Volumes  by  Charles G. Harper  1910

This is London  by  'Jimmy'  1944

A Topographical Dictionary of London  by  James Elmes  1831

The Tower of London  by  Arthur Poyser & John Fulleylove  1908

The Town: Its Memorable Characters and Events  by  Leigh Hunt  1848

Unknown London  by  Walter George Bell  1919

Unnoticed London  by  E. Montizambert  1922

English Towns, Roads & Countryside

The Brighton Road  by  Charles G. Harper  1922

Cycle Rides Round London  by  Charles G. Harper  1902

English Architecture  by  Thomas Dinham Atkinson  1904

The Every-Day Book of Natural History  by  James Cundall  1918

The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church  by  A. H. Thompson  1911

Half-Hours at the Sea-Side  by  J. E. Taylor  1880

Hunting in the Golden Days  by  Hubert Garle  1896

Letters from a Country House  by  Thomas Anderton  1891

London's Forest,  by  Percival J. S. Perceval  1909
Its History Traditions and Romance

Old English Towns  -  both volumes  1909 & 1912

Round About a Brighton Coach Office  by  Maude Egerton King  1896

Rural Rides  by  William Cobbett  1830

Novels, Humour & other Fiction

The Children of the New Forest  by  Captain Marryat  1847

The English Character  by  Spencer Leigh Hughes  1912

Green Mansions  by  W. H. Hudson  1904

The Lighter Side of Irish Life  by  George A. Birmingham  1911

The Lighter Side of School Life  by  Ian Hay  1914

London Lavender  by  E. V. Lucas  1912

Naval Occasions  by  'Bartimeus'  1915

The Nicest Girl in the School  by  Angela Brazil  1909

The Old Chelsea Bun-Shop  by  Anne Manning  1899

The Relentless City  by  E. F. Benson  1903

Nonfiction & Unusual

Some of the books in this section may have nothing to do with London or Maps, but they are part of History, generally, or mine personally.

Advice to Young Men  by  William Cobbett  1830

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle  by  J. A. Giles (editor)  1914

The Art of Driving a Motorcycle  by  The Staff of 'Motor Cycle'  1916

The Book of the Ford  by  R. T. Nicholson  1917

The Cities of Umbria  by  Edward Hutton  1904

Fisherman's Luck  by  Henry van Dyke  1899

French Railways  by  Lord Monkswell  1911

Good Things Made Said and Done,  by  Goodall, Backhouse & Co.  1886
For Every Home and Household

A Hind in Richmond Park  by  W. H. Hudson  1922

An Idler in Old France  by  Tighe Hopkins  1899

The Kitchen Garden and the Cook  by  Cecilia Maria Pearse  1913

Medieval Byways  by  L. F. Salzmann  1913

Off The Rocks  by  Wilfred T. Grenfell  1906

Practical Flying  by  W. G. McMinnies, R.N.  1918

Sporting Notions  by  Martin Cobbett  1908

Tobacco Talk and Smoker's Gossip   published by  Redway  1886

Wisdom, Wit and Allegory  from  The Spectator  1711

Wood and Garden  by  Gertrude Jekyll  1899

Useful Information

These eBooks all conform to the official XHTML, CSS and .ePub specifications and I have tested them on a Sony Reader, a Kobo & the Nook Simple Touch. There is no proper .mobi validator but they also work perfectly on various Kindles, Kindle for PC and in both formats on my iPad.

'And for those of you watching in black and white', I have made sure that the covers, and any other pages with colour, are visible on all screens.

A number of sites have appeared offering free eBooks. A few are good, many are rubbish and some are dangerous. You are safe here, my address is on the contact page, come and see me if you are unhappy (with my books). That cannot be said of some that ask you to install their own 'reader software' before their books will work.

Finally, to state the obvious, eBooks are not printed books - stay with me - and it is currently impossible, for example, to place an illustration in a precise place inside the text of an eBook so that every machine displays it in exactly the same way. Worse still is the problem of dealing with footnotes. Because eBooks do not have pages I usually put them at the end of the relevant paragraph, or section, as I think is most appropriate. The only other way round this for plain text eBooks is a mass of tiny, hard-to-use, hyperlinks.

Plans are underway to make eBooks display more like web pages, with pop up boxes, embedded video etc., etc. Whilst I would welcome a colour screen (if the strain-free look of e-ink could be retained), in my humble opinion, adding 'interactivity' to most existing books would miss the point completely. Having said that, such plans would open up a whole new way of 'reading' - limited only by the ingenuity of the Author/Publisher/Programmer. Imagine the Arabian Knights, rubbing the word 'lamp' and having a hologram genie appear 'before your very eyes'. I can't wait - except for the inevitable adverts!


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