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Boyle's View of London and its Environs —  £ 5.99

Go to the eBook Shop Patrick Boyle had been publishing his 'Court-City Guide' for some time before he decided there could be a need for a more general work that might be met 'with encouragement in the polite and commercial world'. This book is the result.

It was small enough to fit in a pocket and could be used by anyone needing to find their way around London, find a place to worship or meet like-minded people. It includes not just streets and business premises, but also Coffee Houses, Inns, Dissenters Meetings, Places of Entertainment and a complete list of Freemasons Lodges etc. There are over 10,000 entries in total. A fascinating glimpse of 18th century London with many wonderful, unfortunately long-gone place names.

This eBook version contains the entire text. Please see the extract below for a list of the contents and a selection of entries.

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This turned out to be the only edition, although a reprint was published in 1802.
In the short extract below, my comments are in curly brackets {thus}.


The text below is identical to the eBook; however, depending on the typeface, etc., that you select it may not display here exactly as it will on your eReader. Also, pages turn as normal, rather than the scrolling effect seen here.


Boyle's View of London and its Environs


Title Page

Alphabetical list of Street, Lanes, Alleys &c.


A list of Public Offices, Societies, Buildings &c.
East India Company Warehouses
Inns of Court
Publick Places of Entertainment
Free Debates
Newspaper Offices
Docks, Quays & Wharves
Jews Synagogues
Quakers Meetings
Roman Catholic Chapels
Dissenting Meetings &c.
City Companies and Halls
Public Institutions and Hospitals
Principal Coffee Houses, &c.
Freemasons Lodges
Other sources

Title Page


Abbey Street, Bethnal Green

Abchurch Lane, Lombard Street

Abchurch Yard, Lombard Street

Abel's Court, Rosemary Lane

Abel's Buildings, Rosemary Lane

Abington Street, Westminster

Abington Street (Little), Westminster

Academy Court, Chancery Lane

Acorn Alley, Bishopsgate without

Acorn Court, Bishopsgate without

Acorn Court, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane

Acton Place, Walworth

Acton, 5 miles West of Tyburn Turnpike

Acton (East), near Acton Road

Acton Common, near Turnham Green

Acton Green, Acton Common

Acton Street, Battle Bridge

Acton Wells, near East Acton

Adam a Digging Yard, Great Peter Street, Westminster

Adam and Eve Alley, Barnaby Street

Adam and Eve Alley, by West Smithfield

Adam and Eve Court, Whitechapel

Adam and Eve Court, Oxford Street

Adam and Eve Court, Petticoat Lane

Adam and Eve Court, Tottenham Court Road

Adam and Eve Court, West Smithfield

Adam and Eve Yard, Homerton

Adam and Eve Yard, Ratcliff Highway

Adam's Court, Little Broad Street

Adam's Court, near Swan's Close

Adam's Court, Lamb Lane, Greenwich

Adam's Court, Pig Street, Threedneedle Street

Adam's Court, Sharp's Buildings, Duke's Place

Adam's Mews, Edgware Road

Adam's Mews, Audley Street

Adam's Mews, Charles Street, Grosvenor Square

Adam's Place, High Street, Borough

Adam Place, Rotherhithe

Adam Street, Rotherhithe

Adam's Street, Manchester Square

Adam Street, Edgware Road

Adam Street, Adelphi

Adam Street, Portman Square

Adam's Row, Tottenham Court

Addison's Yard, Peter Street, Westminster

Addle Hill, Upper Thames Street

Addle Street, Wood Street

Adelphi, Strand

Aggets Passage, Still Alley, Devonshire Square

Agnes Court, Little George Street

Agnes St. Clare Fields, Hoxton

Agoston, near Hoxton {an archaic form of Haggerston}

Agustus Row, Bermondsey Spa {this should probably read Augustus Row}

Ainger Street, York Street

Air Street, Leather Lane

Air Street, Piccadilly

Air Street Hill, Leather Lane

Akersly's Yard, Great St. Ann's Street

Alisbury Court, George Street {Johnston has Ailesbury Court}

Alarm Yard, Crutched Friars

Albermarle Mews, Dover Street

Albermarle Street, Piccadilly

Albermarle Street, West Smithfield

Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close

Albion Place, Blackfriars Bridge

Albion Street, Blackfriars Road

Albion Place, Walworth

Alcock's Rents, Barnaby Street

Aldermanbury, Cateaton Street

Aldermanbury Postern, London Wall

Aldermary Church Yard, Watling Street

Alderman Parson's Stairs, St. Catharine

Alderman's Walk, Bishopsgate Street

Aldersgate Bars, West Smithfield

Aldersgate Street, West Smithfield

Aldersgate Buildings, West Smithfield

Aldgate Street within & without, Leadenhall Street

Alexander Yard, Water Lane, Fleet Street

Alfred's Place, St. George's Fields

Alfred's Buildings, Westminster

Alsop's Building, New Road, Mary-le-bone

Allen's Street, Goswell Street

Allen's Court, Leadenhall Street

Allen's Court, Oxford Street

Allen's Rents, Houndsditch

Allhallows Lane, Upper Thames Street

Allhallows Stairs, Upper Thames Street

Allhallows Court, Gracechurch Street

Almonry (Great & Little), Tothill Street, Westminster

Alms House Yard, Coleman Street

Alms Alley, Harrow Alley, Petticoat Lane

Alms House Yard, Little Almonry

Amble Close, Wellclose Square

Amelia Row, St. George's Fields

Amelia Street, Walworth

Amelia Place, Queen's Elm, {Brompton}

Amen Corner, Paternoster Row

America Square, Minories

America Street, Bandy Leg Walk

America Place, Queen Street, Southwark

Amsterdam Court, Upper Shadwell

Anchor Alley, Mint Street, Southwark

Anchor Alley, Worcester Place, Thames Street

Anchor and Hope Alley, Green Bank, Wapping

Anchor Court, Spitalfields

Anchor Court, Old Street

Anchor Street, Old Street

Anchor Street, Webb Square, Spitalfields

Anchor Lane, Thames Street

Anchor Yard, Barnaby Street

Anchor Yard, Clare Street, Clare Market

Anchor Yard, Petty France, Westminster

Anchor Yard (New), Old Street

Anderson's Walk, Lambeth

Anderson's Alley, Queen Street, Southwark

Anderson's Buildings, City Road

Anderson's Yard, Oxford Street

Angel Alley, Aldersgate Street

Angel Alley, Bishopsgate Street

Angel Alley, Brick Lane, Spitalsfields

Angel Alley, Charterhouse Street

Angel Alley, Coal Harbour, Thames Street

Angel Alley, Coleman Street

Angel Alley, Fenchurch Street

Angel Alley, Fore Street, Lambeth

Angel Alley, Golden Lane

Angel Alley, Gray's Inn Lane

Angel Alley, Houndsditch

Angel Alley, Leadenhall Street

Angel Alley, Little Moorfields

Angel Alley, Long Acre

Angel Alley, Nightingale Lane

Angel Alley, Pepper Alley, Southwark

Angel Alley, Ratcliffe Highway

Angel Alley, Lower Thames Street

Angel Alley, Redcross Street, Southwark

Angel Alley, Shoe Lane

Angel Alley, Whitecross Street

Angel Alley, Whitechapel

Angel Court, Church Street, Southwark

Angel Court, Dorset Street, Spitalfields

Angel Court, High Street, Borough

Angel Court, Angel Alley, Aldersgate Street

Angel Court, Bishopsgate without

Angel Court, Camomile Street

Angel Court, Charing Cross

Angel Court, Princes Street, Westminster

Angel Court, Charterhouse Lane

Angel Court, Drury Lane

Angel Court, Foul Lane, Borough

Angel Court, Friday Street

Angel Court, Great Windmill Street

Angel Court, Grub Street

Angel Court, King's Bench Alley, Southwark

Angel Court, King Street, St. James's

Angel Court, Lamb Alley, Bishopsgate Street

Angel Court, Leadenhall Street

Angel Court, Old Bailey

Angel Court, Long Acre

Angel Court, Long Ditch, Westminster

Angel Court, Minories

Angel Court, New Gravel Lane

Angel Court, Redcross Street, Cripplegate

Angel Court, Redcross Street, Southwark

Angel Court, Red Lion Street, Spitalfields

Angel Court, St. Martin's Lane

Angel Court, Shoe Lane

Angel Court, Snow Hill

Angel Court, Surry Street, Strand

Angel Court, Stoney Lane, Petticoat Lane

Angel Court, Throgmorton Street

Angel Court, White's Alley, Rosemary Lane

etc., etc.


Bridewell (City), Bridge Street, Blackfriars

Bridewell, Tothill Fields, Westminster

Bridewell, Clerkenwell

Bridewell, St. George's Fields

Borough Compter, Tooley Street

Compter (Poultry), Cheapside

Giltspur Compter, Giltspur Street

Cold Bath Fields House of Correction

King's Bench Prison, St. George's Fields

Marshalsea, Borough

New Gaol, Horsemonger Lane, Stone's End, Borough

Newgate, Old Bailey

New Prison, Clerkenwell

Savoy, Strand

Tower Hamlet, Wellclose Square

Whitechapel, Whitechapel Road

Ludgate, (New) Giltspur Street

Fleet Prison, Fleet Market

Newspaper Offices

Baldwin's Journal, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, Fridays

Bell's Messenger, Strand, Sundays

County Chronicle, Warwick Square, Mondays

County Herald, Old Bailey, Mondays

Chronicle (Morning), opposite Catharine Street, Strand

Craftsman, Ave Mary Lane, Fridays

Courier, Fleet Street, Evening

English Chronicle, Catharine Street, Strand, 3 times a week

Express, opposite Somerset Place, Strand, weekly

Good Informer, Strand, Sundays

General Evening Post, Paternoster Row, 3 times a week

Herald (Morning), Catharine Street, Strand

London Gazette, Tuesdays and Saturdays

London Chronicle, do. do. Paternoster Row

Lloyd's Evening Post, Snow Hill, ditto

Morning Post and Fashionable World, opposite Somerset Place, Strand

Monitor (Johnston's Sunday), Ludgate Hill

Observer, Strand, Sundays

Old Spy, Creed Lane, weekly

Oracle and Daily, Fleet Street, morning

Publick Ledger, Warwick Square, morning

Publicans, Catherine Street, Strand, morning

Recorder, Old Bailey, Sundays

Reformer, No. 66, Old Bailey, Sundays

Review, Holywell Street, Strand, Sundays

St. James's, Chronicle, Union Street, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, 3 times a week

Sun, Strand, evening

Star, Temple Bar, ditto

Times, Printing House Yard, Blackfriars, morning

True Briton, Catherine Street, Strand, morning

Weekly Register, Fleet Street

Whitehall Evening Post, Crane Court, Fleet Street, 3 times a week

Westminster Journal, Bridge Street Blackfriars



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