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Bruce's Lists of London Street Name Changes - £6.99

Go to the eBook Shop Every single street and place name officially changed in the old County of London between 1857 and 1966, sorted old-to-new and new-to-old. All the changes listed on this website in a form you can keep for future reference, plus the Borough, Postal District and exact year of each change, 13,842 additional, smaller places and 20 more years.

If you have an address from the census, or a birth/baptism record that you cannot find on a modern map, look here first.

This eBook version contains the new, complete lists, an explanation of where the information came from and what it can (and cannot) tell you. There is also my aid to dating London maps and other help with finding places in London's past.

Please see the extract below for a list of the contents and some example entries.

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This eBook is only available from this website, regardless of claims by ISBN harvesters and is not available in a printed version, see the note below.

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This extract lists the contents and briefly demonstrates how the book is structured. In the book, the words underlined in the extract are links, to help you move around easily.

The text below is identical to the eBook; however, depending on the typeface, etc., that you select, it may not display here exactly as it will on your eReader. Also, pages in the book turn as normal, rather than the scrolling effect seen here.



Notes on this Edition

Old to New
New to Old


Old to New
New to Old

Old to New
New to Old

Outline Map of Greater London
London Metropolitan Boroughs
Postal Districts by name
Postal Districts by number
An aid to dating London Maps
London Street Signs
About the author



Old to New

All the entries in this section follow the format:-

Old name - in alphabetical order
Metropolitan Borough and Postal Area
New name
Year the change was authorised

Please bear in mind that the 'new' name often already existed, the 'old' name being incorporated as a part, and in some cases has been changed again later.

The @ symbol indicates that there are one or more associated entries in the Appendix.

The † symbol indicates that this change appears only in one edition, not subsequently. See the Introduction for further details.

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Jump to a place in this list beginning with:-

A Ab Ac Ad Af Ag
Ai Al Am An Ap Ar
As At Au Av Ax Ay
Az B Ba Be Bi Bl
Bo Br Bu By C Ca
Ce Ch Ci Cl Co Cr
Cu D Da De Di Do
Dr Du Dy E Ea Eb
Ec Ed Ee Ef Eg El
Em En Ep Er Es Et
Eu Ev Ew Ex Ey F
Fa Fe Fi Fl Fo Fr
Fu G Ga Ge Gi Gl
Go Gr Gu H Ha He
Hi Ho Hu Hy I In
Is Iv J Ja Je Jo
Ju K Ke Kh Ki Kl
Kn Ko L La Le Li
Ll Lo Lu Ly M Ma
Me Mi Mo Mu My N
Na Ne Ni No Nu O
Oa Ob Of Og Ol On
Op Or Os Ou Ov Ox
P Pa Pe Ph Pi Pl
Po Pr Pu Q Qua Que
R Ra Re Rh Ri Ro
Ru Ry St. St. A St. B St. C
St. D St. F St. G St. H St. J St. K
St. L St. M St. O St. P St. S St. T
S Sa Sc Se Sh Si
Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp
St Su Sw Sy T Ta
Te Th Ti To Tr Tu
Tw Ty U Uf Ug Ul
Un Up Us V Va Ve
Vi Vo W Wa We Wh
Wi Wo Wr Wy Y Yo


A Street
Paddington W10
Alperton Street

Abbeville Road North
Wandsworth SW4
Abbeville Road @

Abbey Place
St. Marylebone NW8
Abercorn Place

Abbey Road or Lowfield Road
St. Marylebone & Hampstead NW8 & 6
Abbey Road @

Abbey Road West
St. Marylebone & Hampstead NW8 & 6
Abbey Road @

Abbey Terrace
St. Marylebone NW8
Blenheim Terrace

Abbott's Cottages
Lewisham SE13
Romer Place

Abdale Road (part)
Hammersmith W12
Stanlake Road

Abercorn Road
Islington N19
Hatchard Road @

Abercrombie Street (part)
Battersea SW11
Burns Road

Aberdeen Mews
Islington N5
Aberdeen Lane

Aberdeen Park Road
Islington N5
Aberdeen Road

Abernethy Street
Lewisham SE13
Abernethy Road

Abingdon Terrace
Kensington W8
Abingdon Road

Abingdon Villas West
Kensington W8
Abingdon Villas

Abinger Road West
Deptford SE14
Desmond Street

Absolom Road
Kensington W10
Golborne Gardens @

go to the start of this list

Academy Hill
Woolwich & Greenwich SE18
Academy Road

Ackroyd Street
Lewisham SE23
Ackroyd Road

Ackworth Street
Lambeth SW9
Cranworth Gardens

Acorn Place
Bermondsey SE16
Trinity Road @

Acre Street (part)
Battersea SW8
Yeovil Street

Acre Street
Southwark SE17
Akers Street

Acuba Street
Wandsworth SW18
Acuba Road

go to the start of this list

Adam Place
Bermondsey SE16
Oran Place

Adam Street
Bermondsey SE16
Brunel Road @

Adam Street East
St. Marylebone W1
Adam Street

Adam Street West
St. Marylebone W1
Seymour Place

Adam's Mews
St. Marylebone W1
Hampden Gurney Street

Adam's Place
Southwark SE1
Eve's Place

Addington Mews (part)
Camberwell SE5
Kitson Road

Addington Mews (part)
Camberwell SE5
Goodyear Place

Addison Gardens North
Kensington W14
Upper Addison Gardens

Addison Gardens South
Kensington & Hammersmith W14
Addison Gardens

Addison Place
Lambeth SW9
Normandy Road

Addison Road (part)
Kensington W14
Holland Park Gardens

Addison Road North
Kensington W11
Addison Avenue @

Addison Terrace
Kensington W11
Holland Park Avenue

Addison Terrace
Kensington W14
St. Mary Abbot's Terrace

Adelaide Place
Shoreditch N1
Ivy Yard

Adelaide Road North (part)
Hampstead NW3
Adelaide Road @

Adelaide Road North (part)
Hampstead NW6
Hilgrove Road

Adelphi Wharf
Westminster WC2
Lower Roadway

Aden Grove North
Stoke Newington N16
Springdale Road

Aden Grove South
Stoke Newington N16
Aden Grove

Adrian Terrace
Kensington SW10
Ifield Road

Adwell Street
Islington N4
Lennox Road

go to the start of this list

Afghan Road (part)
Battersea SW11
Candahar Road @

go to the start of this list

Agnew Street
Lewisham SE23
Agnew Road

go to the start of this list

Ainger Terrace
St. Pancras NW3
Ainger Road

Ainsworth Street
Bethnal Green E1
Club Row

Aitken Street
Lewisham SE6
Aitken Road

etc., etc.


The boundary of the County of London is shown in red.
Click map to close.
Click the thumbnail to see an outline map of the area covered by this book.

It is the index map from Edward Stanford's beautiful, 20 sheet, 'New Map of the County of London on the scale of four inches to one mile', first published in 1894.

If you want to look at earlier London street names, see Elmes' Topographical Dictionary of London from 1831, Lockie's Topography of London from 1810 or Stow's Remarks on London from 1722.

If you still can't find the place you are seeking, try London Streets lost to the Blitz, covering the whole of the London Postal Area.


Errors discovered since the publication of this book are shown below. They are corrected as soon as they are found. Previous purchasers can ask for a free updated version at any time.

07/06/2014 - Monro Terrace NW6 wrongly recorded as Monroe Terrace.
17/08/2015 - Morecambe Street SE17 wrongly recorded as Morecombe Street.
20/01/2016 - Abinger Road did not become part of Ablett Street SE16.
23/05/2016 - Kenworthy Road was formerly Sidney Road not Street.
23/05/2016 - Bryanston Place incorporating Upper Dorset Street not Road.
16/06/2016 - Norman Grove was formerly Norman Road not Street.
04/12/2016 - Motley Street became Christina Street not Christiana Street.
15/02/2017 - In the Appendix of subsidiary names, some instances of "Something Terrace" were shown as "Something Road Terrace". Only 8 such places existed, the others have been corrected.
08/07/2017 - Cecilia Road E8 wrongly recorded as Cecelia Road

A note about the size of this eBook

This is a very large eBook. If printed it would occupy almost exactly 1,000 pages of A4. There was a prominent warning here to the effect that it might work slowly on some older eReaders. As no purchaser has yet reported this I have removed it. However, if you do experience such a problem let me know what eReader you have and I will send you a two-volume version instead. Volume 1 sorted only old-to-new and Volume 2 sorted only new-to-old. This is not quite so convenient, but splitting the book into two parts makes each work faster.

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